Marble Surface

terms and conditions

Stone Henge Movers is a fully licensed and insured HHG Moving Company. This agreement is to insure that all prospective clients aware of our terms and conditions, therefore making sure that all parties are compliant. 

In the rare event of any damage, clients are instructed to notify Stonehenge movers of the damage/ incident before billing is completed by the team leader. Any claims after the job is completed cannot be verified, therefore voiding any claims made after the job is completed. 
Moving insurance covers up to $0.60 per pound per article. 


1.IKEA Furniture 
2.Mechanical Failure for appliances
3.Motherboard/ electrical/ malfunctions
4.Items packaged/ crates prior to the move.


1.Televisions must be moved in original box or a tv box purchased from either Stonehenge Movers or elsewhere.
2. Hanging clothes must be transported inside of a wardrobe. Stonehenge provides wardrobes for rent at $12.00 each and $20.00 each for purchase.
3. Stonehenge Movers reserves the right to exclude any pictures or artwork without proper packaging. 

1. Light bulbs
2. Hazardous materials/ waste
3. Any chemicals
4. Alcohol
5. Firearms/ammo 
6. Explosives/flammables
7. People/animals
8. Propane tanks
9. Gasoline. 

Every move requires a $100 deposit which is subtracted from the final bill.
Any cancellations made will result in being billed a 2 hour minimum of $260 and loss of $100 deposit. This policy does not apply to clients rescheduling their move with StoneHenge Movers. Rescheduling must include an actual date. If the move is never completed the cancellation fee of $260 and loss of $100 deposit will take effect.

The estimate of a moving job does not necessarily reflect the actual bill. Clients are billed an hourly rate expressed in StoneHenge Movers Tariff. The billing starts from the time of departure from the office to the crews return to the office. All jobs start with 2 hour minimum, meaning the lowest possible cost of a move from StoneHenge Movers is $260.00. 

1. It is expected that all boxes be sealed and labeled the day of the move. 
2. Clients are expected to be home. The billing clock will not stop for tardiness on the clients end.
3. It is expected that all pictures and televisions be dismounted from the wall prior to the move.
4. It is expected for the home to be relatively tidy , organized, and safe for the movers to work.
5. All Pets are to be kept away from the movers at all times.
6. It is strongly advised that children under the age of 10 be supervised by parents or guardians during the move.
7. Walkways indoor/outdoor cleared for movers to work.


In some extreme circumstances moves may be delayed or rescheduled. It is up to the client to remove snow from the walkway/driveway. If there is a hatchway or basement door present, these areas must by cleared before use. Sand and ice melt are also required on snow days.